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You’ll find the discussion of project management and whether it’s an Art or a Science to be not only enlightening but practical in its application to your projects. The book, Realities of Project Management & USERcentric Systems™, will simplify the complex and quickly bring a new perspective to the reader that will greatly assist in managing their projects successfully.

In this book you will find solutions to complex issues such as:

  • Motivation & Value-Based Goals
  • Teams and Attitude
  • Client Relations
  • Presentational Skills

  • Bringing a Winning Attitude
  • USERcentric Systems™
  • Project Rescue
  • Ethics & Integrity

International Speaker

Photo by Marty Burke

Allen M. Price speaks on such subjects as the “Soft Skills” of today’s Project Management, whether Project Management is an Art and/or a Science, Project Rescue, Teams & Attitude, Ethics & Integrity as well as USERcentric Systems™.

  • Quote:

    "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom"

    — Thomas Jefferson
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