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Allen Price was recently employed by the Canadian Federal Government for over 30 years of his working career. This included assignments, at senior levels, in various government departments. For more than two decades of those years, Allen was associated with numerous large scale projects in the Information Technology arena. He’s a cutting edge problem-solver who has rescued a number of projects from varying degrees of distress. Later, some of these same ventures became icons of success in project management. Mr. Price won high awards for the implementation of a financial control system into Canada-wide sites in one department.

Allen is currently the President of Price Virtual Project Management Inc. He’s the author of “Realities of Project Management & USERcentric Systems™ – Art and/or Science?” Allen is a member in good standing of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Ottawa Chapter. He has presented at PMI’s Ottawa, Honolulu, Toronto Chapters, Gdansk, Poland and Silver Spring (Baltimore), and IPMA Dubrovnik, Croatia to cite but a few. And, he is a regular presenter at the Telfer School of Management MBA program (University of Ottawa, Canada).

Al has several upcoming speaking engagements lined up for 2014 and these are posted and will be updated regularly under Calendar of Events.

Member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). Member of Mentoring Program of the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa. Member of TABARET Society of Telfer School of Management

“…the “Art” and the “Science” of Project Management and have recognized that each play a role in any project albeit to varying degrees based on the complexity of the project and whether it is a technical issue or a more people-oriented issue.”

— Richard Bellefeuille, Prince2, PMP, CMC, MBA

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Al became a mentor for one of my projects and I grew to appreciate his strong people side. Al had just successfully completed a very difficult implementation of the first centralized financial management system in Correctional Services Canada. Later on, the Service centralized the work of the system managers under Al’s guidance and direction.

When Al moved on to the Consulting and Audit Canada organization, he was able to apply his strengths in managing projects, especially those in difficulty, which were mostly caused by people related issues. He honed his skills in the “Art” of Project Management and in the recovery of projects in trouble. Al had developed an “Art” to the management of projects. It became very obvious to me that the “Art” of Project Management was as important, if not more important, than the “Science” of Project Management.

Since then, Al and I have had many discussions of both the “Art” and the “Science” of Project Management and have recognized that each play a role in any project albeit to varying degrees based on the complexity of the project and whether it is a technical issue or a more people-oriented issue. We have come to recognize that each requires a project manager with the right mix and balance between the “Art” and the “Science”.

I believe this book is the first to discuss the “Art” of Project Management and to help all project managers and others to gain an appreciation for both facets. This book is not about the “Science” of Project Management, it is about solving project issues with the right mix of “Art” and “Science”.

They say that the first step towards a problem resolution is to acknowledge the fact that there is a problem. This book basically says that the first step to great project management is to understand and acknowledge the fact that there is an “Art” to project management. This book can be your guide in understanding the “Art” versus the “Science” of Project Management.


With 35 years’ experience, most of them in project management, Al’s ability to see the gaps, provide effective solutions and lead with integrity and commitment, not to mention a love of the Beatles is clearly evident in this book. Practical and sound, Al provides real life examples and real life solutions that takes the reader through studies of roadblocks and issues relevant to large scale projects. His use of Beatles stories and examples makes it “user friendly”, not to mention – interesting. — Stephanie Benay, CRSP, CHSC, BenDex Safety Specialist
…This timely gift provided me with Mr. Price’s experience as a public servant in the Project Management environment, and proved to be one of my most valuable resources. — James Tourigny, BBA, MA, B.Ed Candidate
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    "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom"

    — Thomas Jefferson
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