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Project Management is constantly changing and you need to learn how to use this as an opportunity and not think of it as an insurmountable challenge. The captions, quotations and “vignettes” will provide the reader with new insights that will be of assistance in various aspects of Project Management work, whatever the specific area of interest. This a practical guide, not a textbook, but much can be learned from within its covers and it can be an enormous asset enabling you to bring your Project Management skills up to a new level.


By Marty Burke

You’ll find the discussion of Project Management and whether it’s an Art or a Science to be not only enlightening but practical in its application to your projects. Al is a master at simplifying the complex and quickly bringing a new perspective to the reader that will greatly assist in managing their projects successfully.

This book encompasses a range of topics that all too often get left behind or are not discussed in sufficient detail. It addresses such issues as organizational development, teams, client relations, good presentation skills and bringing a winning attitude to the table. These are all critical topics that can easily determine the success or failure of your project.

Read about “USERcentric Systems™” and how they impact projects beyond what many credit them for. Project Rescue is a must read for thoughts on how to save those projects in great difficulty. The book’s final chapter on Ethics and Integrity emphasizes the need for doing the right thing simply because it is right.

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    "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom"

    — Thomas Jefferson
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