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What you will learn.

Successful projects range from reorganizing your office to building a rocket ship that will take you to the moon and beyond. Allen’s presentation initially focuses on the concept of “USERcentric Systems™” (His trademarked methodology for the Project Management discipline). Further topics he will discuss enable the audience to better understand what is required for project success. His focus on whether Project Management is an Art and/or Science or both is truly thought provoking.

Additionally, the audience will learn what happens in the “real world” of the project managers who are leading projects in today’s organizational and operational environments.

This presentation also includes the five cornerstone concepts of:

  • Ethics;
  • Integrity;
  • Project Rescue;
  • Teams; and
  • Attitude

…as they are integrated into the discipline of project management.

The topics of “Ethics & Integrity” will show the value of conducting oneself as a project manager with an ethical approach. This is central to addressing the vital issue of “Conflict of Interest”. Learn why it’s a key element to becoming a truly successful project manager. Additionally, Project Rescue is discussed using Allen’s distinct approach for guiding a project when it’s become distressed and is still in need of successful delivery. He clearly shows how this will happen. Allen’s presentation ends with insightful discussions of “Teams” and “Attitude” in managing projects step-by-step and why it’s these added dimensions that helps lead to your success!


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Illustration by Guy Wales
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    "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom"

    — Thomas Jefferson
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